Crystal Pepsi is coming BACK to a store near you!

What does Pepsi have to do with technology? Nothing, really, but if you’re not stoked about this you must not have grown up in the 90’s. Getting to drink Crystal Pepsi from 1992 to early in 1993 was about the coolest 10 months in an early teenager’s life. It seems that everything is nostalgic of the 90s these days- Ghostbusters, Ninja Turtles, fashion. But to top them all off is Crystal Pepsi. Wow. In reality it’s probably worse than real Pepsi. But to get a chance to live back in the early 90’s for just a few minutes will be incredible I’m sure. I’m going to buy a bottle, crank up some Stone Temple Pilots and head back to the 90’s for a while. Epic.
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