Our Greater Purpose

Just for a moment. Forget about email, phones, websites, servers and support. Forget about cloud backup, Office 365 and Dell hardware. Forget about “business as usual.” With all that gone, what’s left?
That’s where you’ll find our Greater Purpose. The REASON we do what we do.
The whole reason I started 640Square was to use our IT skills for the greater need of the world. So many people are doing great things in other industries; like food and retail- why not tech? Jason Sandefer
You know us as your go-to IT support team. But underneath the awesome skills and killer customer service is a motivation to help those is need. We’ve helped to feed well over 200,000 starving children over the last few years and have great plans to expand this beyond just feeding starving kids.
But we need your help. How can you help?  By hiring us for your IT needs!
There’s nothing you need to do different. There’s no special forms to fill out. No need to give any extra money. But once you do hire us you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your business is helping our business help those in need.  Everyone wins!