First Option: Managed IT, Balanced Billing, Proactive support. It all means the same thing, really.

We monitor computers, servers, printers and networking equipment 24×7 and fix most issues before you know about them. Like a ninja in the dark of the night. Or brightness of the day. All maintenance, support and most licensing is covered under one manageable, predictable monthly price.

What ever happened to predictability? (Get it? Yeah, our boss grew up in the 90s)

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    Tiny Monitoring Ninja's Installed

    Of course it isn’t really a tiny ninja in your computer but saying monitoring “agent” is boring. Call it what you’d like but it does keep an eye on things in the background and alerts us so we can fix any problems, manage updates and remote connect to your computer in times of need. See? Boring.

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    Less Complication, More Efficiency

    Do you like complicated? We don’t. We’ll figure out what you need. Tell you the price and talk in human terms what all that means. We can fix things in the background, remotely or on-site. No problem here.

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    You work, we IT

    Long ago us IT folk used to work in a storage closet in the basement. Well, well… Look at us now! We’re loved by some, hated not loved by others. Let 640Square handle the IT, simply, so you can get to work doing what you do best.

Or Choose Option # 2: Pay-as-you-go, hourly support- It’s dead-simple and it works.

When an issue occurs, you contact us and we’ll get it resolved then send you a bill afterwards. You pay for the time we spend working on your equipment. What are some things you might need hourly support for?

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    Desktop Support

    Computer won’t turn on? Monitor is showing funny colors? Is your PC making weird noises? Or maybe you can’t connect to the network? Or you accidentally overwrote the TPS report with next weeks Gluten Free dinner menu? We’ve got you covered!

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    Networking Support

    One ore more computers can’t connect to the Internet. Or a switch needs to be replaced. We’re on it.

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    New office Setup

    A new business or a new branch office. We’re glad to set up everything from the phones, to networking, to Internet and computers.

Third Option: Yeah, we’re flexible. Sometimes your IT isn’t meant to be in a box.

Maybe you need some things managed monthly and some things per hour. We can work up a custom agreement that works for us and works for you. So that means it works for everyone!