We are IT Geniuses

IT “Genius”. Really?

An amazing level of customer service that you’re not used to along with pretty awesome skills in the IT industry. Yeah, “Genius” is a fitting term!
Seriously though. The idea of 640Square is a single place to get all IT needs handled. Need desktop support? Check. Need to buy a new server? Done. Need new phones? We’re on it. Thinking about  a website? Let’s talk.
You don’t have to take all of it. Let’s start small and shoot for the stars together.
Anything ‘Tech’ that a small business might need we’re here to help and well versed, too.
 Our Geniuses are skilled in the simple things:
  • Installing desktop programs
  • Connecting peripherals (You know, a mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer, etc…)
  • Answering the questions you think are silly. We promise they’re not though.
We’re also good at the tough things:
  • Server maintenance
  • Monthly network maintenance
  • Microsoft Products
  • Network Assessments
  • Advanced Backup Solutions
  • Server Virtualization
The point is- it doesn’t matter what your need is, large or small, we can and want to help.
We’ve helped people before with their IT, we’re helping people right now with their IT and we’d love to help you with your IT. You’ll love your service. I promise. Jason Sandefer